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Post  Velocirapteryx on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 2:12 am

Omega Tyrannosaurus

Length: 50-55 feet
Height: 20-24 feet
Weight: 9-11 tons

Male: Base color is a bright orange, and the neck is mainly solid blue. Black stripes run along the neck, but then fade into blakc with a bright blue border around the stripes. Then the tail turns into just black, small stripes. The forearms are blue with lightish black claws. The bottom of the neck is black, and the face is black, with mixed red blothces on the snout. The eyes are a blueish yellow.
Female: Liek the male, but the blue is replaced by brown, and the base color is lightish brown. The eyes are a greenish yellow.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the colors are more lighter, and the red on the smout is missing.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except most of the clrs are browner than before, and the brown base color is greyer.

Diet: Anything on the island, besides the larger carnivores like Ultimasaurus and Thrasher Tyrannosaurus.
Preferred Habitat: Wide open spaces, places where the animal can maneauver well. Does not like places like Jungles and Forests.
Social Structure: Solitary or in mated pairs.
Description: An experinental Tyrannosaurus gone wrong. Due to the genetic advances, and the mixing of the DNA structure, the Omega Tyrannosaurus is now larger than a normal Tyrannosaurus, and has the fighting ability of a Thrasher Tyrannosaurus. The abnormal coloration is suited for night hunting, as it strangley blends into the darkness. The coloration is believed to be a side effect of the genetic mutation. It is also believed that the Thrasher Tyrannosaurus and the Omega Tyrannosaurus can live in the same territory, which may be the cause of the Omega Tyrannosaurus DNA originating from Thraher Tyrannosaurus DNA. Therefore, it is possible, but rare for a Male Thrasher to mate with a Female Omega Tyrannosaurus, and vice versa.
Behaviors: Omega Tyrannosaurus is a experiment done by BioSyn scientists to create a Tyrannosaurus capable of taking on a Thrasher Tyrannosaurus, and the same case goes for the Thrasher Tyrannosaurus, built to be able to take on Ultimasaurus. Thus, Omega Tyrannosaurus was created. Equipped with the same traits as a normal Tyrannosauru, but on a much larger scale, of course. Built with 14 inch long dagger-like teeth, an Omega Tyrannosaurus can crush bone, and tear through flesh and meat. Like the Thrasher Tyrannosaurus, Omega Tyrannosaurus is an extremly attenative parent, and will fight to the death if forced to.
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