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Thrasher Tyrannosaurus Empty Thrasher Tyrannosaurus

Post  Velocirapteryx on Fri 06 Jul 2012, 2:21 pm

Thrasher Tyrannosaurus

Length: 65-70 feet
Height: 20-25 feet
Weight: 10-12 tons

Male: Base color is a greenish yellow. Black, jagged stripes run along the back, neck and tail. Red blotches are on the snout. A jagged black strieps runs along the belly. A blue stripe runs on the bottom of the black stripes. Eyes are green, with black pupils.
Female: Like the male, except the yellow is now green, the eyes are yellow, and the blue stripe is missing.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the colors are fainter and the red on the snout is missing.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, but the green base color is now lighter, and the eyes are now a bluish yellow.

Diet: Anything that moves, besides other Thrasher's, Ultimasaurus, and Omega T-Rex's.
Preferred Habitat: Wide open plains, Game Trails, places with space.
Social Structure: Solitary or in mated pairs.
Description: Large, genetically enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now twice the size of a regular T-Rex, this bipedal carnivore can take down anything it wants. It's coloration blends well with the Game Trails dead grass, and camouflages well with the surroundings at night. Because of it's name, Thrasher Tyrannosaurus now has an extended grip on it's prey, and is able to shake fiercley, killing its prey.
Behaviors: Thrasher Tyrannosaurus is a fearsome carnivore, showing no mercy to it's prey or it's rivals. Equipped with enhanced killing materisal of a normal Tyrannosaurus, Thrasher Tyrannosaurus is a murderous carnivore, able to kill prey the size of Armargospinus in pairs. Being a Tyrannosaurus, Thrasher Tyrannosaurus is an extremly attenative parent. When the pair has to leave the nest for food, the female goes out for prey, while the male guards the nest, ready to steer away any carnivore, only in rare cases does he have to abandon the nest with the chicks. Thrasher's hardly have any compeditors, the only major rivals are the Ultimasaurus, the Omega Tyrannosaurus, and other Thrasher Tyrannosaur's.

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