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Post  Velocirapteryx on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 11:37 am

A wet region of Isla Negmus, where most of the small dinosaurs make their nests and territory's. Creation's like Velocirapteryx and Dilophoraptor roam these regions. Small carnivores, herbivores and omnivores roam here, where the large predators cant go in here, due to their large size.

Chaos Effect RP - Characters:

Feather Tail - Velocirateryx Europensis
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Chaos Effect - Jungle Empty Re: Chaos Effect - Jungle

Post  SPARTAN-D124 on Wed 11 Jul 2012, 5:55 pm

*Drakath and Co. have entered*

Drakath examined the pack. Each was fit, and an able warrior and hunter. They had arranged themselves for his inspection in a neat line. He was a full head taller than his pack mates, and fifty pounds heavier. Being a Wraith raptor, his sides and back were dark blue with white stripes, and his underbelly a fiery orange. His claws gleamed black in the moonlight, and his honey-colored eyes glowed slightly in the fading light.

Starfire, his mate, had the coloration of a normal male. She was mostly bluish purple with black markings on her hands and chest. She had a single, thick yellow line running down the back of her head, neck, spine, hips, and tail. Her eyes were a bright, intelligent green. She was a little naive, but remarkably intelligent. She wasn't aggressive (come to think of it, the only aggressive one was Blackfire), and was shy.

Kagehi was next in line. He was a tough, fit male of ten years. He was a Sun raptor, and he stood out in the pack. His sides and underbelly were bright yellow, and his back had jagged black markings. His eyes were bright orange. When Drakath had first encountered Kagehi, the other raptor was suicidal after losing his brother, and aggravated a Euopocephalus into attacking. Drakath, along with Starfire, Raven, and Blackfire, had disabled the herbivore and convinced Kagehi that life was worth living.

Like Starfire, Raven had the coloration of a male. Her torso was mostly black, while the rest of her body was dark blue; she lacked any yellow markings. Her eyes were the shade of blue the color of her scales, and seemed to pierce into one's soul. She had revealed little about herself.

Last was Blackfire, Starfire's older sister. She was a Diablas raptor, with black sides and back, a tan underbelly, and red, tiger-like stripes. Her eyes burned an intense crimson. Of the pack, she was the most troublesome; if not for her ability to dish out and take pain, her strength and speed, she would have been banished or killed a long time ago.

Drakath released a satisfied snort. His pack and mate were ready to fight, ready to kill, ready to hunt.

RPG PCs- Drakath, male "Wraith" Raptor Alpha; Blair, female "Nightlock" Ultimasaurus; Ezio, male "Shade" Velocirapteryx; Venator, male "Bacteria" Omega Rex; Numachi, female Paradeinonychus
RPG NPCs- Starfire, female Raptor Alpha; Kagehi, male "Sun" Raptor Alpha; Raven, female Raptor Alpha; Blackfire, female "Diablas" Raptor Alpha; Koji, male Ultimasaurus; Glaciem, female "Tundra" Thrasher Rex; Suterusu, female Paradeinonychus
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