Velociraptor Antirrophus Degmoensis

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Velociraptor Antirrophus Degmoensis  Empty Velociraptor Antirrophus Degmoensis

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Velociraptor Antirrophus Degmoensis

Length: 17-19 feet
Height: 6-8 feet
Weight: 275-350 pounds

Male: Base colro is a dark orange. Quills on the head are a solid black. A long, black stripes ruls along the back, ending at the tail. A shade of blue is at the tip of the snout.
Female: A light reddish brown, with darker red spots along the back, neck and tail. Forearms have long, sharp balck claws. A dark black is under the eyes. Eyes are a light orange.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the colors are much lighter and the quills are missing.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, the red is more of a maroon color and the black under the eyes is missing.

Diet: Any herbivore on the island besides Omega Tyrannosaurus, Thrasher Tyrannosaurus and Ultimasaurus. When alone, small mamals, lizards and small dinosaurs. When in packs, Armargospinus is sometimes an option.
Preferred Habitat: Abandoned BioSyn Worker Sites, Jungles, Forest, sometimes the Mountains and Caves of the island.
Social Structure: Packs that can have up to 20 individuals.
Description: Meduim-sized bipedal carnivore, able to run at speeds of 80 MPH. Large claaws on each forearm, and a slender, solid snout with the dagger-like teeth. Two large, 6 inch long talons are on each foot, able to slah out the belly of their prey victims. Stiff, long tail and a light body make this Raptor a killing machine.
Behaviors: Velociraptor Degmoensis is a vicious killer, showing no mercy against it's prey or rival. Equipped witht the basic Raptor traits, like the large sickle claws and sharp, clawed forearms, but on a much bigger scale, this Raptor is built to take on big game. Being a Nublar and Sorna Raptor, this version preferrs to make their nests in Abandoned BioSyn sites, and often bullying Alpha Raptor from the sites where they made their nests. If the Worker Sites are unavliable, they make their nests in the caves of the island, where most dinosaurs dont go to often. Or, they go to the Jungle or the Forst, where they can bully any other raptors away from the area.This version of the Raptor is the only raptor species on the island that is a true mix of Nublar Raptor and Sorna Raptor DNA, making this a hybrid. Since this is true, Velociraptor Degmoensis has the strenth, stamina an agility of a Nublar Raptor, and the pack cooridnation, intelligence, and the ability to make prey traps like a Sorna Raptor, making this killer a fatal killer. Velociraptor has been recorded to reach speeds of up to 70 MPH, making it the fastest dinosaur on the island. When alone, this raptor can only take down small mammals an d lizards, as well as dinosaurs smaller than itself, but in packs, these raptors can take down Armargospinus.
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