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Post  Velocirapteryx on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 2:15 am

Alpha Raptor

Length: 16-19 feet
Height: 6-7 feet
Weight: 200-350 pounds

Male: Base color is a dark blue, has 4 greenish yellow stripes on the back, 2 yellow stripes on the neck, and 5 blue stripes coming from the bottom of the tail are on the tail. Black stripes are on the sides of both of the legs. Has yellow eyes with black puils and 2 dark blue arrows are on the face.
Female: Like the male, except the blue is replaced by turquoise, the yellow stripes are greener, the stripes on the neck are also green, the eyes are green with black pupils, and the arrows on the face are missing.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the colors on the body are slightly lighter, and the stripes on the face are a lightish blue.
Juvenile Female: Liek the feale, except the colors are lighter and the eyes are a bit tinted, and the stripes on the neck are darker.

Diet: Anything that moves, besides the large carnivores like Ultimasaurus, Thrasher Tyrannosaurus, and the Omega Rex. When alone, small lizards and dinosaurs, in packs, large herbivores.
Preferred Habitat: Jungle, Forest, and also the abandoned BioSyn Worker Camps. Old BioSy buildings.
Social Structure: Large packs that range from up to 20 individuals.
Description: Experimental raptors gone wrong. Created with advanced Nublarensis raptor DNA with some minor tweaks in the code, Alpha Raptor was created. Fierce raptor, one of the largest dromaeosaurids on the island. Extremly intelligent, more so than the Nublar raptors. It's odd colroation actually camouflages itself in the night of the Jungle, Forest and BioSyn Worker Sites.
Behaviors: Alpha Raptors are one of the most terrifying predators to walk the island. BioSyn scientist's wanted a raptor that was smarter than the Nublarensis version, and also unique. After fooling with the DNA structure of the Nublar raptor, and adding their own modifications to the DNA sequence, out came Alpha Raptor, named for it's fierce behavior and also their strong pack structure. Alpha Raptors can take down prey 4-5 times their size, which means sometimes Armargospinus is on the menu. Their only rivals are the large carnivores of the island, rival Alpha Raptor packs, and sometimes the Nublar/Sorna hybrids. Due to it being originally a Nublar Raptor, half of the time their territories are the abandoned BioSyn Worker Sites, as nearly all the rest fo the creations aviod the areas, as having flashbacks of the steel, cold cages and tests performed on them.
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