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Euoplocephalus Magniventris Empty Euoplocephalus Magniventris

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Euoplocephalus Magniventris

Length: 35-40 feet
Height: 7-8 feet
Weight: 3-4 tons
Male: Base color is a bright white, but a jagged, red stripe runs down the body all the way to the tail. The color on the tail club is either red or black. The armor's color ranges from black or grey, and even a silky white.
Female: Dark yellow, with black spots all over the belly, under the tail and neck. The color of the tail club is either a dark black or a light black.

Juvenile Male: The red stripe is now a bit more ligher, and not as jagged. The armor and tail club are smaller, also the armor on the eyelids are smaller and a bit weaker.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the yelow is a bit more orange, the balck stripes are lighter, and the tail club, eyelid armor and armor are smaller and weaker.
Diet: Any vegitation that it can chew, but prefers ferns and conifers.
Preferred Habitat: Forest's, open spaces, and sometimes ventures into the Jungle for exotic plants.
Social Structure: In herds, mating pairs or solitary. SOmetimes mingles with herds of Pachysaurolophus.
Description: Large, armored dinosaur, equipped qith a tail club, and armor on it's back, tail, neck, and eyen eyelids. Tail cub is meant to scare off or kill other large predators like Thrasher Tyrannosaurus or even Ultimasaurus if they attacked. The armor is meant to defend the animal, and with razor-sharp edges, can slice through the toughest skin. Even their eyelids are covered in a bony cover.
Behaviors: Euoplocephalus was one of the fiercest herbivores BioSyn created, the first specimen killed 5 workers in 2 months, and mauled another one before being tranquilized. Euoplocephalus are one of the couple species on the island that have tail clubs, the other being Pachysaurolophus and Shunospinus. Euoplocephalus are some of the most successful herbivore's on the island. Being a mix of Euoplocephalus DNA and Ankylosaurus DNA, this species is much more intelligent than a normal ankylosaur. When attacked by a predator, Euoplocephalus try to swing their tail clun at their attackers legs, and if a hit is made, it will continue hitting the attacked untill it dies. I fthat fails, it lies on the ground, and stays still, as the predator cant flip over the ankylosaur.

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