Velocirapteryx Lithographica Europensis

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Velocirapteryx Lithographica Europensis  Empty Velocirapteryx Lithographica Europensis

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Velocirapteryx Lithographica Europensis

Length: Males: 9 feet - Females: 8 feet
Height: Males: 4-5 feet - Females: 2-4 and a half feet
Weight: 15-25 pounds

Male: Base color is a silky, creamy white, large red lines run across the tail, neck and back. White, large feathers are attached to the arms, allowing surprisingly good flight.
Female: Like the make, except the creamy white is a bit more darker and the red is now a maroonish color.

Juvenile Male: Like the adult male, except the feather are smaller and the red is more brownish.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the maroon color is more grayish and the feathers are smaller.

Diet: Small lizards and reptiles. Sometimes the small dryosaurids of the island in pairs, and small hadrosaurs in packs.
Preferred Habitat: Jungles, Forest, and sometimes the Mountains and old BioSyn Sites.
Social Structure: Mating pairs, family packs, and large hunting and mating pack that can range from up to 20 individuals.
Description: Medium sized predator. Mixed with enhanced Velociraptor Europensis DNA, and Archaeopteryx DNA, intened to be a excellent flyer, and to be a fearsome dinosaur. Has the flight skills of a normal bird, and the intelligence of a chimpanzee and a dolphin combined. Clearly the smartest predator on the island, the other smarter raptor being the Alpha Raptor and the Sorna/Nublar hybrid.
Behaviors: Velocirapteryx was a large experiment done by BioSyn scientist, trying to create a dinosaur-like bird, but incorporating the dinosaur genes, to make the ultimate flyer. And thus, Velocirapteryx was born, or created. This experiment gave the Velocirapteryx not only it's ability to fly perfectly, but to also be able to maintain it's abnormal size. It has a unusual coloration, apparently a side effect of the genetic mutation, but, unusually, still allows it to hunt the dinosaurs of the island. Unlike other raptors of the island, Velocirapteryx have unusually long sickle claws, ranging from 5-8 inches. This may be a genetic misorder due to the Velociraptor DNA being upgraded with the Archaeopteryx DNA. Velocirapteryx have a 4th, long, strong bone that extends from the arm, where the sturdy, strong feathers are attached. Velocirapteryx also have a long, thich snout, which has more than 150 constantly replaced teeth in their jaws. These teeth are curved backwards, making small prey unable to break free.

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