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Compstegnathus Longipes

Length: 8-12 feet
Height: 2-4 feet
Weight: 50-85 pounds

Male: Base color is a bagish green. A zig-zag, yellow stripes runs down the middle of the body and ends at the neck. Both legs and arms are black. The back plates are black with
yellow spikes in them, and on the back side are bagish green. A large, red, tall and skinny back plate extends on the back of the neck and the front of the back. The lower jaw
is also green, and a cirlcle in the back of the jaw is black. The snout and nose are light blue, and the rest are green. A black stripe runs from the top of the face to the lower jaw.

Female: Like the male, except the large back plate is smaller and green, the bagish green base color is brown, and the back plates are smaller.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the colors are lighter and the large, skinny back plate is smaller and more maroon then red.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the back plate is missing and the colors are more lighter.

Diet: Small lizards and mammals. Sometime's feeds on plants. When in pairs, small dinosaurs. In packs, medium sized dinosaurs.
Preferred Habitat: The Jungle and Forest, sometimes ventures out into the Game Trails for large prey.
Social Structure: Mating pairs and large packs that rang up to 12-15 individuals.
Description: Genetic combination of a Compsoghathus and Stegosaurus. Because of this, the animal has the body of a Compsognathus, and the tail spikes, back plates, and the ability to eat plants like a Stegosaurus, but still eats meat. Due to this, the Stegosaurus NA made the Compstegnathus 2 times as large as it's real lfe counterpart.
Behaviors: You might just say that this experiment went out perfectly, because this is what InGen scientists wanted and expected; a carnivore that has the traits of a famous herbivore, but still remains small, and still eats plants and meat. And Compstegnathus was the result. Having their DNA structure combined with Stegosaurus DNA, Compstegnathus has the tail spikes, plant-eating ability, and back plates of a Stegosaurus, and the size, body and carnivorous style of a Compsognathus. Since no true Compsognathus roam the island, this is their replacement. Since this is still 65 percent Compsognathus, it still eats the herbivrore dung of the gargantuan sauropods of the island. In defense against rivals around it's size like Velocirapteryx, it uses it 4-5 inch long tail spike to sipe at the rival adn it's prey, much like Stegosaurus. This is almost always effective, since Compstegnathus is way more agile than Stegosaurus, allowing complete, fast movement, making this hit the target almost always.

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