Welcome to the Chaos Effect RP Forum, Rule's Apply!!!

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Welcome to the Chaos Effect RP Forum, Rule's Apply!!! Empty Welcome to the Chaos Effect RP Forum, Rule's Apply!!!

Post  Velocirapteryx on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 2:28 am

Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect - Rule's and Guildeline's:

Welcome aboard. If your reading this, that means one of two things. Either i'm dead and your searchign through my possessions, or you've just joined my forum, a forum where the star attraction is the Chaos Effect RPG!!! First, let me say thank you for taking the time to join the forum, and i hope you enjoy your stay here. But first, you have to read the rules, so that way, you can get as little infractions, warnings, and IP bans as possible. Here are the rules:

Rule's and Guideline's:

Minor Offenses = 1 Warning:

1. Spamming:
Spamming is creating topics that are advertisements or posts that have nothing to do with the specific forum or topic.

2. Emoticons Spam:

The emoticon or smiley spam is posting a big number of pointless emoticons, the maximum number of smilies per post is 6.

3. Double Posting:

Double or multiple posting is posting versions of a message that are only slightly different or the same.
It also includes when a user posts a message directly after the user's previous post, before any other user has replied to it yet.

TIP: To avoid double posting please use the edit button

4.Backseat Moderation:

Backseating the moderation is when a member tries to act like a mod or an administrator.

5.Dead Topic Revision:

Reviving a dead topic is posting in it after no one did since a month or more.
*NOTE* Only the creators of their topics can revive them.


Having more than 6 quotes in a post, it may be annoying for some members to scroll the page down with too many quotes.

7. One or Two Words Post:

The minimum number of words in a post is 3, when you want to say something explain yourself not just post "nice" or "hi there".

Major Offenses = 1 Week Ban:

Stealing other people's work and especially renaming it is not allowed here.


Using other people's work for a project without their permission is also not allowed.

TIP: If you really need someone's work for a project you can always send a personal message to the author nicely asking for permission.

3. Insulting:

Insulting is the usage of foul words against members.

4. Pesting:

Users are forbidden to hasten the maker to release his project, they should also not post things that suggest the author that he/she should release something before even finishing it. It's considered harassment and will be not allowed here, as modders have the real life besides the JPOG modding one and it's their decision when to release their work.

Grave Offenses IP Ban:

1. Site's reputation:

I worked hard to make this site a nice and friendly place for everyone and showing any cruel behavior that offends or ruins the reputation of the site is not allowed!

2. Grave insulting:

Insulting the staff (Administrator's and Moderator's) or showing severe and serious verbal abuse to members.

3. Racism:

It is STRICTLY forbidden to write, post or even joke about Black, Asian, Canadian, etc people. This will not be accepted even in the slightest, because this is the gravest of all offenses as it not only insults one person but the entire site. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be IP-banned and their account will be deleted as well as any trace of said use, in other words they never existed.

These rules are for EVERYONE, members, staff, special groups and even admins..

Additional Rules:

The maximum size for an avatar is 200x200, no exceptions. The maximum size for any image signature is 600x200, also, no exceptions.

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