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Pachysaurolophus Wyomingensis

Length: 25-28 feet
Height: 10-14 feet
Weight: 400-600 pounds
Male: Base color is a light green. The underbelly is a dark black, that starts at the tip of the tail, and ends at the bottom of the neck. Dark green blotches are on the back, neck and tail. The bottom jaw is the same color as the base color, but the upper part of the head is a dark green. The large crest on the tip of the snout is a dark black with red stripes on the sides. The club on the tail is a dark or light green. Eyes usually a solid orange, but sometimes are yellow.
Female: Like the male, except the club is missing, the crest is smaller, and the green is more orangish. Also, the black blotches are missing. Eyes are orange.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the club is smaller and weaker, and the dark green is more lighter.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the crest is smaller, and the orange is more yellow. Eyes are usually lighter than the female.
Diet: Any soft vegitation on the island. Uses it's claws to grab plant's and bring them to their mouths.
Preferred Habitat: Forest's, Jungle's and other places where soft plants are avaliable.
Social Structure: In herds of up to 40, or in family packs.
Description: Medium sized herbivore, a mix between Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolophus. Has the basic herbivore shape, long arms with sharp claws, three toes, long tail, but the head held a sharp beak that could break an arm. The head had a large, strong crest, the result from the hybridzation of the herbivores. It was used for mating puropsed, but will aslso serve as a defense structure, stabbing small carnivores in the neck.
Behaviors: Pachysaurolophus were one of the first herbivore hybrids BioSyn ever bred, the next one being Armargospinus. The crest on the head, although at glance looks fragile, but this crest is strong, and it's used also as a defensive structure; when it's attacked by a predator, it charges at the predator, and tries to literally poke a hoen in it's throat, stabbing everywhere. Their behaviors are usually docile, but when feeling threatened, the herd stampeds in order to steer away the threat. Nests are neatly laid, and are guarded by both the parents and the herd itself. During the mating season, males ram their crests into each other, in a display for dominance.

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