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Dilophosaurus Venenifer Empty Dilophosaurus Venenifer

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Dilophosaurus Venenifer

Length: 25-40 feet
Height: 15-25 feet
Weight: 2-3 and a half tons
Male: Bright yellow with black spots on the body, ranging from the neck to the head to the tail. The crests are larger than the females crests, and are much more darker red. The crests are a dark red with darker red stripes on the top.
Female: Base color is a dark orange, and the black spots are now brown spots

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the yellow is more darker and the black spots are smaller and some are missing.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the orange is lighter and the
Diet: Large dinosaurs like Pacysaurolophus, Anatosaurus, and sometimes the advanced Triceratops and Euoplocephalus.
Preferred Habitat: Usually the Delta, the Jungle and Forest.
Social Structure: Mating pairs or in family packs.
Description: Large carnivore with powerful jaws.Is able to spit acidic-like venom up to 50 feet away. A large frill is tucked into the skin of the neck, and is used as a defense mechanism. Large, 3 fingered talons on each arm, and curved teeth are in the jaws, filled with toxic venom, which paralyzes it's victims in less than 2 minutes.
Behaviors: In an attempt to see what would happen if an advanced Dilophosaurus came into the world, out came this creature. when the first hatchlign came out, the appearance of the dinosaur gave it the nickname, "Sun Dilophosaurus". During the mating season, the males crests become much brighter than usual, adn they show off their colorful frills in an attempt to impress a female. After the eggs have been laid, the female guards the nest while the male searches for food for the pair. Since this was originally a InGen Dilophosaurus, it was known to spit venom adn expose a frill. But, when InGen took samples of the venom, it literally scorched through a wall, meaning it was not only a mecanism for hunting, but to also deter predators the size of Omega Tyrannosaurus.

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