Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis Delta

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Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis Delta Empty Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis Delta

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Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis Delta

Length: 42-45 feet
Height: 23-25 feet
Weight: 6-8 tons
Male: A dark reddish brown, with puffy, black steipes running down the back, neck, and tail, and also on the legs of the body. There are brownish red feathers on the arms, and the talons on the hands are a solid black. The bottom of the jaw and the top of the neck is a light orange, with mixtures of yellow.The eyes are either a dark green or a light green with black pupils.
Female: Base color is now more orange than the male, and the black stripes are faded and are grayish. The feathers are smaller on the arms, and the talons are more lightish. Eyes are a solid yellow.

Juvenile Male: Like the male, except the base color is more maroonish, the black stripes are smaller, and the feathers on the arms are smaller.
Juvenile Female: Like the female, except the feathers on the arms are missing, and the orange color is more yellow.
Diet: Omnivorous. Usually eats deciduous trees and small animals, but also eats animals such as lizards and rodents.
Preferred Habitat: Open forests, or on the edges of plains. Can be found in the Forest and also on the edges of the Game Trail, feedign off the vegitation there.
Social Structure: Small herds led by an an alpha female, or matriarch.
Description: An attempt by BioSyn to create a succesful omnivore, and their decision was Therizinosaurus. The result was this creature. It's a large, bipedal omnivore. The head is small and tipped with a beak. Neck is long, similar to a sauropod's. Arms are long and strong, tipped with three long, curved claws. The arms have large feathers, used for keeping the animal warm. Tail is relatively short, and there are feathers on the tip of the tail.
Behaviors: When BioSyn wanted to create a genetically advanced omvinore, they turned to Therizinosaurus as their source. With some genetic tweaks to the code, the result was the Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis Delta, a successful omvinore, one of the most feared animals on Isla Negmus. Naturally, Therizinosaurus have no enemies, even Ultimasaurus are not to be feared of, due to Therizinosaurus being a pack animal, adn the Ultimasaurus a animal thar is found in pairs, but it's enemies are usually Thrasher Tyrannosaurus and Omega Tyrannosaurus. Since this animal is a genetically advanced Therizinosaurus, it is a omnivore, feeding off the islands rich vegitation, but also raids abandoned dinosaur nests, searching for both the embryo's to eat, but also the eggshells.

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