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Post  Velocirapteryx on Wed 04 Jul 2012, 2:10 am

Ultimasaurus Negmus

Length: 70 feet long
Height: 30 feet tall
Weight: 10-12 tonnes

Male: A lightish grey base color. Black striping along the back, but red coloration with black striping near the feet. The top of the neck is red with black triping. The head is a red mixed with yellow, black and even blue. The eyes are a greenish yellow with black pupils.
Female: Like the male, but duller, and the eyes are yellow. Also, the red coloration on the neck and feet are replaced by brown. overall, the base color is a darkish brown.

Juvenile Male: Like the adult male, but lacks the horns, spikes, tail club, and brighter colors.
Juvenile female: Liek the female, but greyer.

Diet: Anything on the island. Nothing is off the menu, besides larger Ultimasaurus.
Preferred Habitat: Open plains, Game Trails. Tends to avoid the Jungle and Forest, as it cant move around good, due to it's large size.
Social Structure: Solitary or in mated pairs.
Description: Largest carnivore to roam the island. Comes equipped with Tyrannosaur-sized teeth, Triceratops frill and horns, Ankylosaurus tailclub and armor, 2 foot long sickle claws on the foot, large claws on the forearms. and slight Stegosaurus-like back plates on the back and tail.

Behaviors: The Ultimasaurus is the most feared predator on the island. Nothing can take this predator down at full size. Originally bred with enhanced Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Triceratops, and Dilophosaurus DNA, it was created by InGen to be the most feared carnivore to walk Planet Earth. During the mating season, Male Ultimasaurs flush out their full colors, which usually are red and yellow, which stand out. During mating duels, Male Ultimasaurs headbutt each other liek Triceratops, and slam their tailclubs to the ground, to imtimidate the other rival. During the breeding season, Female Ultimasaurs usually have 6-10 offspring, when usually 2-4 survive. In the mating pair, it is not the females, but surprisingly the males who dominate the mating pair. The only rival for ultimasaurs would be the Thrasher T-Rex's, which are roughly the size of a Ultimasaur.

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